What Do Steroids Do & How Do They Work

There are many body functions which are affected by steroids use. But majority of the people will not have clear understanding on how actually these steroids do this. One more thing to dig upon is differences between anabolic- androgenic steroids and corticosteroids.

Due to their potency, steroids are made prescription only drugs. Along with this there is high risk associated with steroids which are potential for abuse, misuse, and their capability in affecting many body functions. Before starting to use steroids, one must understand all these things either it is prescribed by doctor or using the steroids illegally. For all this information read this guide.

How Steroids Work:

The effects and functionality of the steroid depends on the type of the steroids used. In the conditions like inflammatory and autoimmune, corticosteroids are suggested. These are naturally produced in the body by adrenal gland in adrenal cortex. This gland is located on the top of kidney.

But, in some cases there will not be adequate amount of corticosteroid in the body especially in the conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. In such cases, medical professionals prescribe corticosteroids. This can be use either as injection, oral drug or it can also be inhaled.

These corticosteroids are manufactured synthetically and they mimic the functions of the hormone cortisol. Along with affecting the immune system, corticosteroid hormones also affect metabolism. By reducing inflammatory responses, these steroids work.

AAS or anabolic androgenic steroids mainly affect the muscle strength, and they have the capacity to enhance stamina and endurance. Along with this they may also influence on production of testosterone in the body. These are synthetically produced hormones which resemble and mimic the functions of naturally produced male hormone testosterone. These are usually exaggerated and that depends on the injections and dosage.

Steroids are mainly effective for people with low testosterone levels. They are effective for people who are suffering from muscle wasting syndrome which is caused by HIV/ AIDS or cancers.

How steroids work on the body?

Anabolic steroids, which are not used properly, can lead to number of issues. Along with brain they can affect many other body functions. The steroids which are called as steroid hormones, highly affect the brain.

They have the capacity to affect overall central nervous system. Along with this, they can also affect development of neurons and responsiveness of neurons. If the steroids like prednisone which is a corticosteroid if used for long term can result in excessive level of hormones in the human body.

Steroids usually result in issues related to cardiovascular system. They sometimes enhance the level of LDL or low density lipoprotein. This may result in increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Depending on the duration of use of the steroid and misuse, there will be issues related to diastolic blood pressure and systolic blood pressure. There are many studies going on which focus on long term effects of steroids. When used under medical conditions steroids can be really beneficial. But with the illegal and non- supervised use can cause lot of negative effects.