Lip Injections Plump Up a Girl’s Kiss Appeal

If you want to appear more kissable and attractive, then you want to assess your choices of lip injection treatments or enhancements. Having full lips is not only considered a sign of beauty and youth, but it also signifies health and wellness.

Lip injections, for example, are one of the ways you can improve your appearance. The injections use synthetic or natural fillers to keep the lips plump for as long as several months. For a more permanent solution, women may also opt for such surgical procedures as lip lifts or lip implants.

Reasons to Enhance Your Lips

However, if you prefer a non-surgical approach, then the injections are a viable choice. If you are considering lip enhancement, you may be doing so for the following reasons:

  • Your lips have thinned because of age, and therefore are not as full
  • You feel self-conscious about the appearance of your lips
  • You believe fuller lips will even out the symmetry of your face

Why Injections Are a Preferred Method of Enhancement

Some women who consider lip injections in Dubai also consider fillers, permanent makeup, or facial implants such as those made for the cheeks. The benefits of using lip enhancements in the form of injections are two-fold. The lip injections are temporary. Therefore, they can be adjusted to your personal preferences. The injections also offer quick recovery in one day. You have to recuperate for a week if you choose lip surgery.

Because you can modify the injections and know they are temporary, you may feel better about choosing lip injections over surgery. After all, surgery is permanent, so if you are not pleased with the results, you cannot easily adjust your appearance.

However, that being said, some women want a more permanent solution. The lip implants are just difficult to remove if you change your mind.

Are You the Right Candidate?

You are a good candidate for lip enhancement, or lip injections, if you wish to create a fuller-lip look. If your top lip or both the lips seem to disappear when you are smiling, you may want to consider augmenting your lips with injections.

Beautiful Perfect Lips. Sexy Mouth Closeup

Like any artist, each doctor has a favourite formula for lip injections. However, most doctors prefer injections that contain a natural temporary filler in the form of hyaluronic acid or HA. Sometimes, an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase is used to dissolve the injected filler. This can be done in five minutes if you do not like the initial results.

How Long Will an Injection Last?

The fillers last about six months, and that is why most women like the results they receive with lip injection fillers. However, if you are thinner, you will metabolise the filler at a faster rate. Therefore, the injection generally lasts about four months if the patient is smaller in size.

If the injections are used correctly, lips that are filled do not feel different than regular lips even when you are kissing or applying lipstick. When you receive an injection, the results will be instant. The lips may be somewhat swollen initially. However, the swelling goes down in about a day.