Here’s All You Need to Know About Stem Cell Facial Treatment

These days, use of stem cells in beauty products and spa treatments has increased a lot. This is because stem cells are unique and they have potential to transform into any type of cell in the body. Moreover, stem cells can multiply and regenerate. This guide will brief you some more details on types of stem cell facials and how they work.

Anti-Aging Facial with Plant Stem Cell

This spa treatment helps to restore the skin to its beauty by rejuvenating skin cells. This procedure is done by using stem cells, which are precisely extracted from a rare Swiss apple. The apple has self-generating properties which form the basis of this treatment. It is a 60 minutes long treatment and includes the following:

  • Stem Cell Cleanser

This cleanser is gentle, luxurious and light yet very effective on skin. It is great for sensitive, mature and dry skin. It has calendula, jojoba and aloe vera for smoothing, softening and cleansing of the skin.

  • Stem Cell Toner

This is a hydrating toner, which helps in repairing and protecting UV Damage. Stem cells help in protecting skin from environmental damage. Moreover, they help to repair environmentally damaged skin.

The mentioned toner is silky and light, which helps to cool, soothe and hydrate skin. All these things leave user’s skin refreshed and moisturized. Stem cells have powerful healing and water binding agents, which ensure that your skin is super quenched and soothed.

  • Facial Peel

There are various products used in facial peel of stem cells. It includes lactic acid, phytic acid and resveratrol. It is worth mentioning here that among all ingredients used in this peel, lactic acid is one of the best moisturizing factors. Lactic acid used in this peel is found in our muscle tissues and blood.

This stem cell peel facial will not only exfoliate the skin, but will also inject potent stem cells in it. However, it is important that while going for any such kind of facial, you choose a professional spa centre. There are expert skin specialists in Memphis who provide these facials at affordable cost.

  • Stem Cell Serum

Serum used in this facial is taken from roses which are found in Swiss Alps. This is because leaves which grow there are resistant to extreme cold and dry conditions and UV radiation.


Hope this guide has helped you to understand about stem cell facial.